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“This changes everything! (Or should!) As when Atlas Shrugged was published, this should wipe out centuries of error, evasion, ignorance. And it will … at least for the individuals, the readers, the scholars, the thinkers who’re willing to consider it reasonably, rationally, seriously. Congratulations, once again, James Stevens Valliant and Warren Fahy!”
– Robert Nasir, Podcaster

Michael Newberry – Reviewed on Amazon.com in the United States on October 23, 2022
Fresh Take and Excellent History on the Creation of Christianity (Verified purchase)
“Excellent documentary: well-researched, excellent visuals and music, authentic feeling from the presenters, well written, and a very thoughtful presentation of subject that could challenge many people’s beliefs. It is discussion of the influences of Rome on the earliest stages of Christianity. It takes in how Rome worked to assimilate cultures and religions of those it conquered, as a matter of policy. What I like in the presentation, is they laid out of information, connecting the dots, but they did not drive conclusions. My take away at the end…”

Michael Sweet – Reviewed on Amazon.com in the United States on December 5, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars Wow, this is something else! (Verified Purchase)
“Been a bit since I watched a documentary. I recently read Creating Christ and was very intrigued by the depth of discovery and detail of facts the authors went through. This is a remarkable work and the documentary helped very much to clarify some broad points I was consfued about. I’m fascinated by the history that is examined here and I feel this work is perfect for anyone interested in Ancient Roman history, Christian history, ancient civilization ideas and beliefs of this age, and symbols associated. It is also a great work to challenge ideas and broaden perspectives in understanding the roots of Christianity. For me, I feel this documentary gives me a much more foundational historic reference as to the history between the Jews, Roman’s, and the first Christians. I recommend purchasing the book as a companion to this documentary.”

Grace Ciara – Reviewed on Amazon.com in the United States on January 22, 2023
5.0 out of 5 stars – Objective, factual, well-reasoned, and compelling documentary about the true origin of Christianity. (Verified Purchase)

“Fantastic documentary about the true origin of Christianity: it was invented by the Romans as a Judaism 2.0, to pacify the Jewish rebels and unite Roman subjects. Factual evidence is presented beyond a reasonable doubt across history, politics, writings, archaeology, bible quotes, art etc.

In contrast to Judaism, Christianity is a peaceful, inclusive, easy-going religion without all the strict laws, circumcision, sabbath, kosher food etc., and advises followers to obey the state and pay your taxes. Perfect for Roman emperors wanting to rule their subjects and derive legitimacy as agents of God. Whereas the Romans had to fight two wars with the Jews, because they Jews would not accept or integrate Roman culture and rule.

Christianity started at the time the Romans crushed the Jews during the First Roman-Jewish war. Emperor Vespasian and his son Emperor Titus (both Roman Generals during the First Roman Jewish war?) embraced and influenced Christianity to further their legitimacy, gain followers, as well as pacify and unite their subjects. Then, Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire–gaining a lot of support and (soldiers).

This follows a common pattern in history by rulers/kings to establish their political power with religion. The divine right of kings etc.

Thank you for the compelling documentary and uncovering the the truth about how Christianity was invented 2000 years ago.”