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“This changes everything! (Or should!) As when Atlas Shrugged was published, this should wipe out centuries of error, evasion, ignorance. And it will … at least for the individuals, the readers, the scholars, the thinkers who’re willing to consider it reasonably, rationally, seriously. Congratulations, once again, James Stevens Valliant and Warren Fahy!”
– Robert Nasir, Podcaster

Michael Newberry Reviewed on Amazon.com in the United States on October 23, 2022
Fresh Take and Excellent History on the Creation of Christianity Verified purchase
“Excellent documentary: well-researched, excellent visuals and music, authentic feeling from the presenters, well written, and a very thoughtful presentation of subject that could challenge many people’s beliefs. It is discussion of the influences of Rome on the earliest stages of Christianity. It takes in how Rome worked to assimilate cultures and religions of those it conquered, as a matter of policy. What I like in the presentation, is they laid out of information, connecting the dots, but they did not drive conclusions. My take away at the end…”

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